Thursday, April 28, 2011

allergies are stinky- want a claritin coupon?

happy day to my friends! it is crazy windy and sunny here in southern ohio, but its nice to have a break from the rain. I am a BZZagent, didnt know if i told you folks this bit of info. Its really fun, you get to review items and try things, i really enjoy it! Soooo, that being said.... who here loves allergies?? anyone???? ok, here is what is even worse, when your little one has allergies. That is just super, right? My olivia has allergies(of course) and we are always trying new meds to help.I was given the oppurtunity to review Claritin for children and i must say, it rocks! And to beat all, it doesnt taste bad!!!! What? so its a double win for me, i dont have to tie her down to swallow it, she does it willingly. Its grape flavor, and she is totally ok with it. It has helped her itchy eyes and the incredible amount of drainege she experiences ALLLLL the time. thanks claritin!!!

I hope your all doing well with your allergies, if you are looking for something over the counter, safe and well known for your little one, head to the nearest walmart, or pharmacy and check out claritin for children!
I have some coupons for $3.00 off their next purchase of childrens claritin, first come, first serve! contact me with your address and i will send it to you!
lets remember those who have been devastated by the horrific tornadoes and bad weather this week, some have lost homes, memorobilia that cant be replaced and others have lost lives.
Have a great and wonderful day, be sweet!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is short and sweet... my kids love the mike meyers movie"Cat in the hat". It is ok, some it i dont love, but some parts make me giggle.
Like , oh, i dont know.... just the mere sight of Mrs.Kwan.

If your not in the know, let me enlighten you... she is the sitter who watches the kids( sleeps the entire time). And loves to watch taiwan parliment. She is a HOOT! If not looking at her isnt enough, just listen to the 2 or 3 words she speaks! This lady cracks me up..
So, in my thirst for knowledge( i am nosy) i googled Mrs. Kwan... I find this insanely interesting.. MRS. KWAN HAS A FACEBOOK PAGE!!!! LOLOLOL!!!
And because i know you want to check it out , here is the link:

SO maybe you dont get the whole Mrs. Kwan thing, thats cool. i get it. Let me know what zany side character you remember about some movie- i will be anxiously waiting! Have a great tuesday!!!!!!1

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wall stickers= total cuteness!

Happy Sunday evening to you all! Been super busy getting Diva Baby orders filled and completing new projects that my crazy brain comes up with! 3 of the 4 are asleep, and i wanted to take a minute to visit with you. A while back i posted that my little one had taken my memory card from the camera( how and why do they do such things?) well, much to my delight, it has been located! hooray for this!
I had made a trip to a ALMIGHTY DOLLAR TREE an hour away, its super huge and always has fun stuff that mine doesnt have. I am bitter about that. Anyway, i found some cute stuff....

I found some cute organizer bins, at least that is their purpose for me and these super awesome wall stickers!! I couldnt wait to get started on these babies! ONlY 1.00. Super easy to put on, super easy to take off.(lets hope the kiddos dont figure that out)Here is where i decided to put them..
I realize i didnt take a good pic, you have no idea where i put them, the picture doesnt show... ugh. i put them on the wall beside her bed, looks like flowers are growing out of her bed. i dont know if i will ever get the whole photo part of blogging down.

Laken was really excited when she saw them, that my friend is worth much more than 1.00.I just need to get some for the boys room now!

Check out my etsy shop, or shop around on my facebook page, many cute things popping up here at Diva Babies!
Have a great week friends!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who Cares Wednesday--- WINNING!!!

Iknow you thought of charlie sheen right away when you read my title... what is up with that fella anyway? Well, i dont know what the heck he means when he talks of winnning, but i mean i have won again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winning is good.. i strongly suggest it!lol
This is what the wonderful UPS man brought to my home:
And its definetely my kind of prize: FOOD!!!
I wond 5 full size boxes of cereal and a 10.00 target giftcard!! saweet!
I dont win all the time, but is super fun when i do! check out your fav blogs, chances are they have some kind of giveaway once in a while.
Tid bit of info: i have been neglegent on giving fun money saving tips... shame on me. So, here goes:
Want to find a way to give cheaper easter baskets to your kids?
Use 2 liter pop bottles!!!, I love pop bottles, i yearn to find a way to reuse them. i have made crafts with them etc. Simply because they are a staple in my home. So heres how ;(sorry no pics yet)
Clean and dry bottle
Cut in half.... about 3 in. down from top, cut our rectangles for handles
(i take it you understand we are using the bottom half)
cover with fabric or paint, construction paper.. wrapping paper etc.
Add your yummies!
I know its smaller than the regular size easter basket, but that serves a great purpose as well. Less to buy to make it look full! And lets face it, easter is fun but all of the candy isnt a must, a little bit of candy is fun!
Here is the kicker for me: I normally always buy the cheap buckets or baskets from the dollar tree- they are great, only a buck, right? But i have a hard time throwing them away!! I always think ,we will reuse them, and we dont. i always think, we will make a craft with them.. and we dont.So i get to craft with my lovely 2 liter bottles, and i dont feel awful about trashing them!
Gotta run, stuff to do!
Lets not forget what easter is about! I love easter and the fun aspect of it, but lets not forget to tell our children what the lord has done for us and what this holiday is about! MWAH!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Cares Wednesday

So the weather here is super great!! It just teases me for summer though.. i am sure we will have a ice storm next week or something. crazy ohio. But i wanted to share a huge accomplishment with my wonderful fans! I will give you a little history first... i cant grow anything. Whether it be flower, tree, or vegetable, it will not thrive or grow. Well, i do ok with iris, but nothing short of a cross bow will kill those guys.Anyway, lookie what is blooming in my yard!!
This is huge folks, this has only happened once before and these crazy things have been planted for a loooooong time. So, i stand before you a proud easter lilly producer- you may
Hope you are having a great Who cares Wednesday!! Go outside, enjoy the fresh air and be nice to someone, you may like it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

Hello all! i have had a great weekend! The hubs and family planned a nice bday party for yours truly- fiesta style!!

There was great food, great freinds, what else could a girl want?? So today i turned 29!!! ( this is soooo not true)
So i had a great day, i was able to go to a different Dollar Tree, in a land, far far away... Chillicothe Ohio. really happening place.( insert sarcasm).But they have this great big Dollar tree that makes mine look dinky. I found some really neat things, as did the Hubs ..... we wanted to share, but my daughter took off with my memory card... we have no idea where it is. ugh.
So happy birthday to me! I wanted to take a glimpse back to april 1975....
Did you know gas was only .36 cents a gallon!!!!!!!!
The most popluar song was elton johns , Philedephia Freedom!!
( he still rocks)

The most popular television series was....The Bionic Woman!!

The most popular movie was- Death Race 2000

And of course Viet Nam was coming to a end around this time.....Hard times and sadness in every time period i guess.

I have so much to be thankful for, hope you do too! Take care and dont forget to enter my giveaway!!!! it ends soon!!!