Thursday, March 31, 2011

150 followers!!!! TinkerBell Shrinky Dinks Giveaway!!!!

*** I have decided to have this giveaway last longer! The new ending date will be 4-16 11!!!*****

Super excited today!! My little blog has recently hit 150 followers! Yippee!!So, because i love all of you so, i am having offering a giveaway!
This is a very cute easter basket idea: Shrinky Dinks charm bracelet set!
It is super cute! This isnt a review or anything. I love winning kid related things.. so my mind is always geared towards fun things for kids. I ran across these shrinky Dinks that you can design yourself and turn them into a bracelet! How cool is that?? Did i mention they are Tinkerbell??

Your little one can color the tinkerbell charms, then with supervision, an adult can help with the baking and then when they are done and cool, they can attach them to the bracelet any way they like! Enjoy!!
Ways to Win:
Mandatory Entry: (without completeing this , all other entries will be void.)
Simple, become a follower of Diva babies blog through GFC (1 entry)
For extra entries:
1.Follow me on twitter , and leave your id so i can check! (1 entry)
2.Like Divababies bowtique on FB (1 entry)
This giveaway will be open closed on April 16th at midnight! Good luck!
Have a great day, and be good to those you love and even better to those who love you back!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who Cares Wednesday

Hello! So i am super late with my post.. just a ton of stuff going on here. Plus , i must admit i am a bit lazy
Super ready for warm weather to come back and visit us in ohio too. As most of you know, i have 4 children... its alot. I havent ever really spoken of our extended family. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats. I am horribly allergic to dogs.. my luck right. They are mainly my hubs responsibility. He enjoys them alot.You know, i used to always love animals, really. i worked at a vets office for a while, and still to this day is one of my fave jobs i have ever had.But something happened to me after i had kids... its like i dont have any more love to dish out to the poor four legged freaks anymore.Dont get me wrong, i like them, i def never want anything bad to happen to any of them..... well, except maybe for this one...
Meet Bruno....or you can call him the Hell hound like i do...
age: little over 1 year
brand: german shephard
personality type: fun, kind of obedient,loves kids
agression level: aggressive only to the wind,trash,sticks,flower beds,outdoor carpet
fav things: bark all night long, howl super loud at 4am,dig up flower beds,play with other dogs we dont know, strangers, chew up anything in his path
dislikes: cats (go figure) this paticular dislike compels him to whine and cry upon sight of cat,chase them under the porch, and then dig a tunnel to china trying to apprehend cat.
If anyone has a dog like bruno, your in my prayers.
have a great day

Monday, March 28, 2011

My little Tecumseh!

Good day to you out there, hope life is treating you well! i have had a interesting weekend! After lots of thought, i finally decided to put my oldest olivia in a pageant. Yes, i said it. A pageant. Dont judge
This was a great one , too. It was for the nonprofit charity KidzCount here in portsmouth ohio. It gives back to children in the community, and always puts efforts into the pediatrics unit in our local hospital, Southern Ohio Medical Center.
Sooooo, i figured this was a great start. The child had to be a community hero and perform a dance to a song that reflected her community hero. So after some thought and some advice from friends, we went with Tecumseh- he is from Chillicothe Ohio which is about 1 hour from here. And if you read this blog at all, you may have guessed i took it upon myself to make her Tecumseh costume...
Not too bad, for a first time , i didnt think. It was a lot of fun to make it and bling it up!
This was her evening wear, and nooo i didnt make it! lol, i am sure that you knew that just by looking at it!
I must say that our first pageant experience was a great one! olivia loved it, she made new friends and she didnt even win! It didnt bother her at all, she recieved a princess crown and some candy and she also got awarded best eyes! I met alot of nice moms, who were supportive of everyone!
So just wanted to share with you all how my weekend went and my thoughts of the intro to the pageant world!
If your looking for a great charity look into KidzCount, its for a great cause!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I hate to clean.... really

Hey there to all of you in blogland... There is alot about me you probably dont know.. some stuff , if you read enough maybe you do know. I wanted to share two things with you today:
1.I hate to clean
2. I am a Bzz agent ( super cool)
So i am a bzz agent, and i love to do campaigns with them, basically try to spread the word about certain companies and products. I am super duper excited to share with you this campaign! Its from SC Johnson and Johnson! The maker of all things good! So i recieved this box of goodies, and i mean goodies: Pledge, Glade plug in, Glade candle ,Scrubbing Bubbles mega foam shower cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaner!

As i stated before, i dont love to clean, its just never ending around here... 4 little monkies running around. geesh, if i cared i would never stop cleaning, good thing i dont, right? after all , when would i blog? So when i do clean, i really like to use products that make my job a whole lot easier. So i was totally jazzed about getting to take part in this campaign for SCjohnson and johnson!
So now my shower will be cleaner, house will smell better, and wood will be shinier.. not to mention my toilet will get a good scrubbing!!
Thanks so much for reading today! Itis spring, go outside and enjoy it!!
By the way, become BZZ agent- you wont be sorry!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm back!!!

Hello to all of the 3 people who love my blog! i know you have missed me terribly, probably wondered where i have been.. no worries all is ok finally. My family was sick for 100 years ( i swear it felt that way) and my camera and computer.... ay,yay,ay- you really dont want to know. So my camera is fixed kind of , which is great. I hope you have all been doing wonderful! We have been celebrating here because it is the first day of SPRING!!!! Oh how i will welcome the nice weather, and sunny days!
I realize St.Patricks day is over, but i made some really cute cheap St.pattys day crafts that i was prepared to blog about.. show crappy pics of( considering i can take no other type of pic) etc, etc. But technology kicked my butt and i was unable to post them. So i am gonna do it now, i am only going to post the pic of my super easy peasy cheap st. pattys day wreath!!!
Some of you may remember my wreath snowman from a earlier post? I had found these 3 wreaths at the dollar tree, painted them wired them together.. snowman. Well old snowy had a long run on the front of the house.... and his time had come. It was painless, promise. Anywho, i took the wreath snowman apart, used his middle to make this cute St.pattys day wreath! Hey,sometimes, we have to make sacrifices in the craft world. I had some left over green tulle from the hundreds of tutus i made for st.pattys day(total exaggeration) and some st.pattys day material. I started by cutting the material in different sizes of circles, placed them one on top of the other, sewed them together.. voila a flower thingy. i put a rhinestone in the middle (rhinestones make the world a better place) and hot glued those baabies on my wreath.I then added some tulle here and there to give it a little oomph. If your wanting to decorate but want to do it quietly, then this is your project, its very subtle, which i love. I also have hardly any money in it as well, i originally bought the wreath for a 1.00 at dollar tree , used scrap tulle and shamrock printed material... maybe 2.00?? But i had all of the items on hand. Its kind of my thing, try to use what i already have.
I have many things going on right now, i hope to show you some great new items i am adding to my etsy shop, and bow business! Stay tuned for all of those wonderful treats!
I had the opportunity to do the most amazing thing today... wait for it... the hubs and i actually got to leave the house and watch a movie at a real movie theater... minus 4. yep , thats right, we got to go to the movies!! We do that a couple times a year.. go out without the kids. Its really important to have some time with your spouse.. cant forget who they are , you know? Sometimes kids and life in general swallow you up and you know that they are there.. but kind of forget WHO they are. So i really like spooky movies and such- love me some zombies, werewolves,vampires,robert pattinson,taylor lautner.... yes i said that out loud.
We went to see Red riding hood- really good flick. Right up my alley!! My husband and i both really liked it. I consider myself pretty good at figuring this kind of plot out, but i totally had us guessing right until the end!
I must run, laundry, dishes and children are all calling my name, i have missed blogging, hope its mutual! I feel better just knowing Spring is here, almost lighter. Hope you feel good knowing better days are coming, take care and be kind to one another!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy day!

So i know i have been MIA for a while, and i apologize. I am sure you have all been wondering where i am... or at least the one or two people who read my blog have been wondering where i am..
So sorry to report that i have had computer trouble, camera trouble and sick kid trouble. I have to make this short and sweet- i made some cute st.patricks day crafts.... almost too late for them, but i hope to get them up and get back to normal tomorrow. Dare i dream? Dare i hope that my kids may all be feeling better, plus the hubs?? We shall see. I miss my blog and telling all of you how life is, i hope to be back in touch with you soon. Until then... Happy day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who Cares Wednesday

Sooooo its hump day- half way through this week, and i am kinda glad. I have had a great day today, the weather is starting to perk up here a little... sun is out. Cade and i spent the day making deliveries. SO i hope to find you well on your who cares wednesday. I have a couple of pics i want to share simply because they are hilarious. And maybe they will give you a giggle on your who cares wednesday.....
Why is this pic of spiderman gonna give you a giggle you ask? well, its a sample of my sons photography skills....
This is obviously Laken doing her "tiger" impression for the photographer....
And , every great photographer always takes a second to take a crazy faced self portrait of themselves... eveyone knows that.
Soo, my son had a great time with the camera , there are only 20 more pics like these on my memory card. i had no idea. many of the television, door,ceiling etc. Clearly he has a calling.