Monday, March 28, 2011

My little Tecumseh!

Good day to you out there, hope life is treating you well! i have had a interesting weekend! After lots of thought, i finally decided to put my oldest olivia in a pageant. Yes, i said it. A pageant. Dont judge
This was a great one , too. It was for the nonprofit charity KidzCount here in portsmouth ohio. It gives back to children in the community, and always puts efforts into the pediatrics unit in our local hospital, Southern Ohio Medical Center.
Sooooo, i figured this was a great start. The child had to be a community hero and perform a dance to a song that reflected her community hero. So after some thought and some advice from friends, we went with Tecumseh- he is from Chillicothe Ohio which is about 1 hour from here. And if you read this blog at all, you may have guessed i took it upon myself to make her Tecumseh costume...
Not too bad, for a first time , i didnt think. It was a lot of fun to make it and bling it up!
This was her evening wear, and nooo i didnt make it! lol, i am sure that you knew that just by looking at it!
I must say that our first pageant experience was a great one! olivia loved it, she made new friends and she didnt even win! It didnt bother her at all, she recieved a princess crown and some candy and she also got awarded best eyes! I met alot of nice moms, who were supportive of everyone!
So just wanted to share with you all how my weekend went and my thoughts of the intro to the pageant world!
If your looking for a great charity look into KidzCount, its for a great cause!


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