Sunday, June 26, 2011

I feel so powerful!

my hubs and i have talked about trying to have our own garden for years now.But something always happened and any extra time we had went to something else. This year we (he)got really serious and put in the extra time and tadaaaa- we acutally have a garden! Its kind of exciting,plus the kids are into it too. we have planted everything from strawberries to corn.This being our first time growning anything except kids and flowers (and i kill them. the flowers i mean.)we didnt really know what to buy, where to buy it. We were pretty ignorant. So i decided to get a cucumber plant to add to our garden. We love cucumbers, who doesnt right? corn , cucumber and tomatoes is the best summer meal EVAH. I was so excited to see the rate my cucumbers were coming along. Can you imagine my shock when i went one day and picked this??
I feel so powerful!Kind of like tom hanks in the movie "castaway", when he makes fire.. The pic doesnt show the size really of this thing. i have called it "gigantor". Possibly the biggest cucumber that has ever been. its almost 12 inches long!Well of course i had to brag to my family and freinds, right? So it was upsetting when i showed my mom and she told me it was a zucchini. crap.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My latest obsession...

Yes, i have an obsession... what? like you dont have one? i think we all do.. some of us just have weird anyway, i have been introduced to a candy that has been around for hundreds of years. Not literally. Its just an older candy. And it does my heart good.... love it.
I should really say re-introduced, because i have always known of this candy, but it wasnt until recently that my obsession began. I can thank my little buddy Kaylee for this. While visiting her grandma (actually buying yard sale clothes, one of my other fav things) kaylee shared her Bit o honey with me.. that was all it took. i was done for. So now i am having a love affair with my new fav candy. Its cheap, and it says its low in fat on the package, so i am gonna say its a "healthy snack" ( sarcasm), and it keeps me company on my friday midnights that i work. What else could a girl want????
By the way, check out a site called thredup, its where you can swap clothes with other moms! super cool. i have some items listed, so i will be sure to let you know how it goes!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am so ashamed.....

i have been such a horrible blogger, i havent given any attention to my tiny blog in a long time. I guess i let kids , house, business and general life take up all my time. shame on me, i get it. well i am gonna try to do better.forgive me? i hope so.
I have a neighbor that lives down the road from me, and they have a couple of dogs. One in paticular really cracks me up. truly. My kids love this dog, especially my 4 year old , laken. I dont know what this dogs name is, but my laken has given this dog a name....

Laken has named this dog "piggy". She thinks it is a guinea pig... not a dog. simply hillarious