Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm back!!!

Hello to all of the 3 people who love my blog! i know you have missed me terribly, probably wondered where i have been.. no worries all is ok finally. My family was sick for 100 years ( i swear it felt that way) and my camera and computer.... ay,yay,ay- you really dont want to know. So my camera is fixed kind of , which is great. I hope you have all been doing wonderful! We have been celebrating here because it is the first day of SPRING!!!! Oh how i will welcome the nice weather, and sunny days!
I realize St.Patricks day is over, but i made some really cute cheap St.pattys day crafts that i was prepared to blog about.. show crappy pics of( considering i can take no other type of pic) etc, etc. But technology kicked my butt and i was unable to post them. So i am gonna do it now, i am only going to post the pic of my super easy peasy cheap st. pattys day wreath!!!
Some of you may remember my wreath snowman from a earlier post? I had found these 3 wreaths at the dollar tree, painted them wired them together.. snowman. Well old snowy had a long run on the front of the house.... and his time had come. It was painless, promise. Anywho, i took the wreath snowman apart, used his middle to make this cute St.pattys day wreath! Hey,sometimes, we have to make sacrifices in the craft world. I had some left over green tulle from the hundreds of tutus i made for st.pattys day(total exaggeration) and some st.pattys day material. I started by cutting the material in different sizes of circles, placed them one on top of the other, sewed them together.. voila a flower thingy. i put a rhinestone in the middle (rhinestones make the world a better place) and hot glued those baabies on my wreath.I then added some tulle here and there to give it a little oomph. If your wanting to decorate but want to do it quietly, then this is your project, its very subtle, which i love. I also have hardly any money in it as well, i originally bought the wreath for a 1.00 at dollar tree , used scrap tulle and shamrock printed material... maybe 2.00?? But i had all of the items on hand. Its kind of my thing, try to use what i already have.
I have many things going on right now, i hope to show you some great new items i am adding to my etsy shop, and bow business! Stay tuned for all of those wonderful treats!
I had the opportunity to do the most amazing thing today... wait for it... the hubs and i actually got to leave the house and watch a movie at a real movie theater... minus 4. yep , thats right, we got to go to the movies!! We do that a couple times a year.. go out without the kids. Its really important to have some time with your spouse.. cant forget who they are , you know? Sometimes kids and life in general swallow you up and you know that they are there.. but kind of forget WHO they are. So i really like spooky movies and such- love me some zombies, werewolves,vampires,robert pattinson,taylor lautner.... yes i said that out loud.
We went to see Red riding hood- really good flick. Right up my alley!! My husband and i both really liked it. I consider myself pretty good at figuring this kind of plot out, but i totally had us guessing right until the end!
I must run, laundry, dishes and children are all calling my name, i have missed blogging, hope its mutual! I feel better just knowing Spring is here, almost lighter. Hope you feel good knowing better days are coming, take care and be kind to one another!!!


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Welcome back! :)

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