Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easy Peasy Headband Holder!!!

Sooo glad to have you ! Hoping your New Years was safe and satisfying! I am getting really excited about 2011. So many things i want to work towards... not really resolutions, just hopes and dreams! We all have em right?Well as i have said before, this blog is tons of fun for me, and i really hope its fun for someone else. I have great ideas for this blog, my bow business ( Diva baby bows=sorry, had to leave a plug) , great and fun changes i want to do to our home etc, etc, etc. So lets get started, shall we?? Some of you may know that i run a hairbow business with my great friend Stephanie and we have picked up some really creative and interesting ways of doing things.Well lets face it, we are just starting out.. didnt have alot of revenue to work with, and i am a cheapskate. sad , but true.I make it my mission to find different ways and cheaper ways of doing things... hence the beginning of this blog. And i about to share with you a handy dandy secret steph and i picked up . Cute and easy headband holders!!!
First of all, its too easy i cant really call it a tutorial.. its so fast , i cant really take pics of the steps so ... here is what you need.
Yes, its a roll of paper towels and some handkerchief scarves i got at my fav store The Dollar Tree. You will only need one.(they are 2 for 1.00)
All you have to do is lay out your hanky , lay your paper towel on it on one edge, but in the middle, and roll it to the other side ( your paper towel should be covered completely.) Now you will see that you have some excess on each end of the roll, or else you should. all you have to do is tuck the excess in the whole of the paper towel tube. You will be suprised at how tight you can get it to stay.
If you have a little one and have headbands in a basket that you have to dig through and your totally sick of that- just do this!
cute right? Plus you get to see what hair accessories you have to choose from. You can do any handkercheif color pattern you choose, these were some i stumbles upon at the Dollar Tree. Enjoy! Ahem, if you love the headbands you see... you know who to contact.
I saw something today that i loved and i couldnt wait to share. Do you ever stumble upon some craft or info that makes sooo much sense? Well that is what happened to me. I know we all may have our new calendars for the new year and maybe have already thrown the 2010 calendar out. If you still have it DONT THROW IT OUT! Do this!
Make your own envelopes out of them. This is super easy, i had to try it out myself. I have a wildlife calendar, so i pulled out a page and got to it. Just need tape and scissors, thats it. Well you do need to make sure its perfectly square, so you will need a ruler. After measuring the height cut it to be that measurement in the width. for example, mine was 8.5 inches in height, so i cut it to be 8.5 inches in width. Put the decorated side down on the table, take the two bottom corners and fold in till the sides touch in the middle. Tape the seams to hold. All you have to do now is put in your letter and fold down the top.(just like any envelope). I think it turned out perfect. This is the other side of my envelope..
Hope you can see the bald eagle .. soo pretty. Well i hope you enjoyed the things i had to share with you, please let me know if you do any of these at home. I would love to see what different things you do.
LITTLE BIT O INFO: Need to cut back a little in 2011, here is a start. If you lower your thermostat 10% for 8 hours a day can shave 10% off of your bill? Also if you lower the temp on your water heater from 140 degrees to 120 degrees you can save almost 50.00 over a years time? I know, i know, 50.00 isnt a big deal... but hey, 50 bucks is 50 bucks right?
Take care and be safe! MWAH!!


Ashley said...

I love this idea!!! Happy Tuesday and I'm following you :)

TINA said...

Thanks ashley! i will enjoy following your blog as well, cant wait to see what you have in store for us! hugs!

Cindy S. said...

Love the headband holder idea ;)

TINA said...

thanks cindy! i have a lot of things to share. thanks so much for reading!

Peters said...

Very Cute! I found your blog through the Friday blog hop. I am a new follower. I did something similar for hair accessories. Head on over to my blog if youwant to see.

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

adore!that's all I have to say. okay...truly adore!

TINA said...

THANK YOU! this means alot coming from you kimbo- you and your crafty self. i love your blog- it always makes me smile!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the hairband holder. The greatest idea ever. Thank you. I already made one for my daughter and took me like 10 minutes to finish it.

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