Thursday, January 6, 2011

I heart snowmen!

Hello again, hope you are all healthy and happy today! Ok so i know that christmas is over, and we have put our decorations away ... yada,yada.But i think that snowmen are ok throught the winter, they dont have to be just christmas decor, right? The last time i hit the all mighty Dollar Tree, i found some wreaths in different sizes. This is what i decided to do with them!
They were very plain, so i spray painted them white, but not completely. this picture doesnt do it justice. Its become clear to me that my picture taking skills are really bad. So i just blame my camera and the lighting in my house etc.Back to the wreath snowman... so i wanted him to be white, just kind of a dirty white. so then i wired all three together, gave him some cozy stuff to wear, found some twigs in the back yard.. presto! Snowman!! although i will tell you my kids have concerns that he doesnt have any facial features..
I dont know if i have shared with you the fact that i am a terrible cook.. not something you broadcast to the world normally, but hey, it is what it is, right? I can follow recipes, but most things never turn out the way i think it should, or it doesnt taste like someone elses that i have sampled or it doesnt look like the picture.I could go on and on, i think you get my drift. Like i said, i cannot cook, but my partner in crime Stephanie can.She made what her family call "homemade donoughts". This is soooo simple, its silly! And not to mention it is a super cheap,unique treat for the family. So i made them, and i do mine a little different than Stephanie, but thats what is so great about this treat, you can come up with all different kinds of ways to make it! This is what i use:
1.canned biscuits( i like these,choose whatever type you like)
2.brown sugar
3.stick of butter
Thats it!! Okay let me tell you how stephanie makes hers, first she frys them in a pan with oil, melts her butter, when the biscuits are done, she dips them in the melted butter, and then rolls them in granulated sugar.
This way is delish!
Here is the way i make them: I bake them according to the baking instructions on the label, after they are done and still hot i dip them completely in melted butter, and we roll them a couple of times in brown sugar. And let me just say, they are the best when they are still hot! YUM! So my kids have named these yummy morsels "sugar donouts".And you can see why..
We have also used a granulated sugar and cinnamon combo which is really good too. My husband suggested last night that we make our own cream cheese icing to dip them in too, i vote for chocolate chips to be added. Chocolate chip make everything better, dont you think? And these little guys dont hang around long,they are gobbled up quick with a big glass of milk by my 4 monkies!
We love us some sugar donouts at the Mcgraw household!!
I dont know what the weather is like in your area, but its super cold here in ohio.. if you have any gently used coats that are taking up space,i am going to ask you to take them to a shelter or salvation army. There are people with nothing who are not as blessed as most of us,and they are cold. And alot of these people have children who are cold,and that is unacceptable to me. So if you can, help someone out today, it feels really good. I realize a coat to one individual wont solve all the worlds problems, but its a start.

Work like you dont need the money
Dance like no one is watching
Sing like no one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt
Live like its Heaven on earth
LITTLE BIT O INFO: I always try to give some useful info to you, and saving a buck is always on my mind.. so that tends to be what i offer up. i hope some of these tips are helpful to you. I have found this really cool website called . Its this wonderful place where you swap with someone else your books that you dont read, cds you dont listen you anymore and even DVD's. How neat is this? The best part? You get new books , dvd's,cd's ( new to you ) mailed right to you for FREE!! WHAT? FREE? outstanding! Let me know what you think , i love comments, you know? it lets me know somone is reading.... you are reading right? someone? anyone?
Also i have enterd the Crafting with the Stars 2 challenge! There is some insane talent out there people! go over and view my candle holder and check out some great crafts! Hugs!!


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I love it! I am going grocery shopping tomorrow and buying some biscuits! We have butter and brown sugar, what a great idea! Add the thing to your blog that people can subscribe to your emails. It really helps to keep people, like me, coming back to your blog!

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Thanks for the follow and I love your snowman and I cannot wait to make these!! Breaking my resolution already-lol!

Karen @Mommy Times

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karen@mommytimes- if you do make a snowman, let me know how it looks! thanks!

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Shairbearg said...

YUMMMMMMMMM those look so good, and don't feel bad I am a pretty bad cook too, but I can tell you my boys will eat it and think I am a good cook. So that's all that matters :P

I came from the surfing saturday blog hop, but can't find your twitter link so I will leave mine and if you add me, then i can add you easily :) I did follow you on gfc follower instead.

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Thanks for stopping by my blog (The Domesticated Diva)! I love what you did with the wreaths, such a fanatasic idea.
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