Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentines Day Frame.... looked different in my mind.

Hello my favirote people in blogland.. its been a while since i posted, i have been really busy. well busy in my mind. I have enlisted myself in some craft challenges with no idea what i was going to use to compete with...not the best idea. So i used something i already made... just doesnt feel the same. But i am participating in Iron Crafts weekly craft challenge. And i have been working on my craft and i must say, its coming together nicely. My fear is that someone will list the exact same thing. awkward.There is crazy talent out here in blogland and it humbles me. So until thursday, i cannot post a pic of my crafty thing.. you will have to wait.
I have noticed that alot of folks arent really listing resolutions for the new year, but almost like a bucket list for 2011. So i have decided to do my own, maybe it might be interesting.. you know to list what i wish to accomplish and then actually do it and tell all of you lovely folks about it. The problem with me is i will keep on adding to it, i just know it.
So here it is so far. keep in mind, i will add to it.
1.grow a garden
2.go to a waterpark
3.lose a few (duh) featured on someone elses blog
5.really understand the coupon world
6.start a craft ring
7.have a mom group
8.learn how to not sweat the small stuff
9.go on a game show(not really for 2011, just sometime)
10. work towards the bow business growing even more.
I think that is it for now... i think i need to add some excitement to my life. That is kind of a sorry list.
I have a lot of ideas swirling in my head and one thing i have been wanting to do is Valentines Day crafts. I would like to decorate my mantel for fun holidays and i started to work on the first piece of my valentines day decor. In my mind i saw it clearly.. very cute and the fabric was different. So i lightly spraypainted my gold frame, stictched and ruffled my fabric. Attached it to my canvas...

and it stinks.well, its just really plain. i have tried adding things to the frame, adding things things to the heart. i will figure it out.. or maybe i wont. anyway, if you have any suggestions... just be gentle. I just have been trying to craft with items i have on hand.It really makes me have to use the old noggin.. and plus it saves on the pocketbook. This was a scarf i had and the frame as well. This craft definetely didnt blow my hair back at all.But all is not lost! I have more ideas i want to work on, and they may also look different in my mind than in real life.
We are getting a decent amount of snow here in ohio, i bet we will have another snow tomorrow! Where ever you are , i hope you are staying warm and cozy!
LITTLE BIT O INFO: Just because Christmas is over , doesnt mean that we have to stop doing nice things for our friends , family and neighbors etc. There are still going to be birthdays, anniversarys,(valentines Day is approaching) and it is hard to buy gifts now, either due to being hit hard from christmas shopping or just not knowing what to buy.What about a gift of service? If you have someone whos bday is coming, and they have young children, offer to babysit for a evening as their bday gift from you.(That is worth its weight in gold to alot of couples!!) Your grandparents or parents anniversary is coming, offer to do lawn care for a week as a gift of service from you .Wouldnt it be nice to get back to the real idea of giving a gift? Please dont misunderstand...I LOVE ME SOME PRESENTS! But i also want to learn to be thankful for the small things in life and the small oppurtunities i am given. I want to learn to be happy with less.How about you?


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