Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joan Jetts coffee cup cozy... not really.

Welcome my good pals in blogland! i have had a busy week, hoping yours was super great! i have been thinking about alot of things, not just blogging or crafting or even the bow business, just regular things that go on in my weirdo life. Times,they are achangin. I feel like i repeat this every post, but i have been participating in the iron crafts weekly challenges and this week was to create your own version of a coffee cup cozy. I had a pretty good idea, but that went bad. It seems most of my ideas do, sometimes i get lucky.So my idea number two ended up looking like this...

you have to admit, its kind of rock star, right? That wasnt what i was trying to accomplish, but hey. I am okay with making a Joan jett coffee mug cozy. I dont know how to crochet, so i cut the sleeve off a old sweater that i put in my" sacrificial craft stash". Yep today was the day for this paticular sweater sleeve.Its number was up. I made this from items i had here at the house, that is my new thing, trying to not buy crafting supplies for a while and really use my noggin.So i took the sleeve and I fitted it to the cup, stitched up the ends ,added some rhinestones and some ribbon and shazam... joan jett, your coffee mug cozy is ready.But really, you guys need to check out iron craft and the weekly challenges, it is really fun to see what everyone comes up with.Big time talent out there.

I have been trying to add to my Valentines day rmantle, i am not really impressed with it, but maybe by the time it is all said and done, it will be what i was hoping for . So i listened to all of you lovely people and decided to put a large candle in my twig, birdsnest holder thingy. I will let you all be the judge of the outcome. So i had these black rod iron candleholders and i wanted to valentines them up a tad.But then i was left with not knowing what else to do with them. Heaven forbid i put candles on them right? just didnt wanna do that. i wanted to do something else.I decided on balling up newspaper into a ball and hot glueing red tissue paper to it... i really dont know what to call it.. take a look..

I dont know what to call it,but i like it! This is just one of my candle stick holders.. maybe i will make another one, we will see. Here is the before pic..

I have to have you guys go to my pal and check out all of the giveaways going on right now, its crazy ! You can find all of the info right there on her blog, makes it super easy. I entered in some myself, we will see if i win!
Oliva has a docters appt on Friday, maybe try to change up her meds a little, i am not 100% sure i want to do that yet. But i do feel better when i talk to her pediatriction, he is awesome.I will keep you updated on all of this.
Its close to Valentineus Day and we are supposed to be alittle mushier and nicer to each other etc. Hope you are happy out there wherever you are and i hope you are able to do something you love. I entered a giveaway and it asked "What is happiness to you?" Its interesting the responses, and i could have typed in anything and it been the truth. I wanted to share with you my response to that super vast and deep question. Happiness is... to hear my kids laugh really really hard. Sounds simple, but at that moment when my kids are laughing so hard that, eyes are shut, mouths open,with huge smiles on their faces, eyes watering due to the laughter, it becomes contagious and all is right with the world. Happy Wednesday.
LITTLE BIT O INFO: So we all pay for electric.really no way to get around it- we have to have it. I am interested in finding ways to cut down on my bills. I ran across this money saving site that mentioned a Energy Audit. I hadnt heard of one, but a proffessional can come into your home and uncover any energy drainers and show you ways to increase energy effeciency. visit the U.S. Dept of energys website for more info.


Kids Closet said...

You are too hard on yourself..How Cool! Your iron candle holder is now a Valentine Topiary! And is reallllyyyy cute! Would be awesome for a wedding using red as an accent color! Great Idea!
Angie Whitely

TINA said...

thanks so much angie! i love the kind words and just knowing you have read my post makes my day! thanks a ton!

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Cute blog. I love all the crafty stuff and the cute bows. Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
God Bless,
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Already following! Have a great day! :)

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I am following you back a day late, congrats on hitting 100 too:)

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Thanks for following me. I am following you back. I am so in love with you etsy shop.
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