Monday, December 6, 2010


Okay so first let me say hello again! i am really trying to get better at the whole blogging thing, what i need to remember is to start taking before pics.... and then the after pics. mental note to self. okay so i am hoping everyone had a great and safe weekend, here in ohio its totally freezing!
So i have this sweater, its really pretty, glittery , the whole works. it looks great..... on the hanger. it just doesnt look great on me, not the sweaters fault right? So i didnt want to give up on it right away. after all it hung it my closet for a year. so i have heard all of these wonderful ways to repurpose, or recycle clothing and decided to give it a go. lucky for me my olivia loves dresses and glitter and all things girly. And it was easy peasy. I took the sweater, cut of the sleeves. I wanted to make her leg warmers. I just eyeballed the length of her calf and the measurement around her calf. I pinned it, gave it a quick stitch. Cut off the excess. I didnt sweat the length so much, i had the idea of just rolling it up and putting a cuff in it. pretty cute actually. They fit and she loves them, the great part is they keep her legs warm ( hence the name leg warmers-lol) and she can still wear leggings and dresses with tights in the cold weather! yay!  As for the rest of the sweater, i cut the shoulder seam of the sweaterh folded the material in, to make it shorter around the neck line. perfect dress for olivia!! all she needs is a great long sleeve t , leggings and her leg warmers and she is set!
The picture doesnt really show the glitter , or the cuff in the leg warmers
but you get the idea!
So i am going to consider my first repurposing project a victory! And i have to point out that my daughter has a complete outfit and i didnt have to spend a dime! The sweater was a gift from last christmas. I am positive all of us have that sweater that we love, but just doesnt love us back. Raid your closets, even your hubbys, see what you can find. I dont have a lot of sewing experience , so this is really easy, or trust me , i couldnt have done it! And think what a great Christmas gift this would make some little girl! Its not important how the gift came to be.... right?
If any of you try this, please let me know!  I would love to see what different versions we everyone can come up with!

A LITTLE BIT O INFO: I love a deal, love a good sale, love to pass it on! In our area Gaddyland pizza offers free pizza buffet for children! i think its 12 and under. be sure to call your local gaddys pizza before making the trip... but it would be worth it! go out to eat and keep a little money in your pocket!
Also, is offering free photo calendars that you make online and all you pay is shipping!! soo cool! perfect, and i mean perfect christmas present! its a easy program and it walks you through it. better hurry to make sure it gets here in time!
Gotta run, laundry and my son is calling my name! Hope you liked this post. Be good to one another ! MWAH!


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