Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yes I was one of those women..

Hello to everyone, i am hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving! I had a great time with my family and extended family. we are a fortunate group, i must say... there was a lot of food and friendly fellowship and a nice warm home to dwell in. no complaints from me. so now here we are thrown in to the crazy that is the Christmas season. Christmas is a blast and I enjoy Christmas food, Christmas decorations, Christmas music... etc. So first of all , i was one of the crazy women who tried to take advantage of the Black
Friday sales. notice i said , "crazy". so my posse and i  decided to go to the nearest outlest malls over a hour away and be there for the sales to start at midnight. MIDNIGHT! This is crazy, but i love it. i didnt buy much, but it was alot of fun.The one thing i noticed about some of the black friday shoppers is the aggression they put off, these folks are not messing around , for sure. The main place i found great sales was The Childrens Place Outlet. They have good sales, i must say. I am super cheap, i know i have spoken of this.. right? So when i say its a good deal, its pretty good.Check them out, if you cant go to the store check them out online. They may have something very reasonably priced  , perfect for a christmas present!
So in all of my crazy, i had to plan a birthday party, no, make that 3 parties rolled into one! my girls wanted an "under the sea party" and it was my husbands 30th. I bought some great ocean like decorations,but tried to make it affordable. My olivia and laken wanted to be mermaids, i looked at mermaid costumes and just could not and would not pay that type of price. i am a little creative, without a lot of skill so i decided i would make my girls their mermaid outfits. it was simple. i went to the nearest walmart, bought 1 yard of material and that was enough to make a mermaid halter and a tail..... check it out!I took the yard of material, wrapped it around their  body (from thier under arms to their knees) pinned it , cut it and ran a quick stitch up it.I then took the top of the dress, folded the material over (about a inch) and ran a quick seam at the bottom of that inch of material i had folded over. picture a curtain , at the top where you put in the rod there is a loop of material.. same idea. i then took ribbon and ran it through and tied it behind their back. it was still falling down a little, so i attached a ribbon right in the front and tied it up around their neck , to ensure it would stay up. really the trickiest part was trying to draw the tail and make it look right. i am not a aritst people. so i drew it the best i could, cut it out and i attached it to the front of the dress. this way the girls can run and play and not be hindered by the mermaid tail.i

This could be a pattern to make a lot of diff dresses etc. its super easy and very very cheap! I spent $4.54 on both pieces of material. pretty cheap for a outfit, i think! i also made "under the sea" head pieces for the girls out of sea shells and glitter i bought at hobby lobby. they were $4.00 for the bag. I still have a truckload left over . So i put them away for a rainy day, never know when i will need some sea shells !!
Thanks for checking out my blog, you never know what you may find on here, cheap deals, mermaids in november... possiblities are endless! Dont forget Christmas is around the corner, remember those less fortunate than you. Do something nice today! hugs!


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love the headbands.

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