Friday, December 10, 2010

Believe it, its a tire!

Hello guys! i have much to share with you! just call me spongegirl, because i have been soaking up info like crazy this past week. its so nice to meet people who are willing to help you out with your goals and want nothing in return, and its even better to catch up with old friends from your past and find a common bond again. sigh... so great to be connected to kind people. so i will start to share this info in short bits as time goes by, i promise! i just have to pace myself! ok so here it is christmas and most of us are getting out the christmas lights and blow up santas and the garlands  etc to put outside , right? well what if i told you that there is another way of decorating that doesnt always involve going to a craft mall or walmart? now first let me state , that there is nothing wrong with those places, believe  me i frequent both!! as a matter of fact Diva Babies sells our products in a local craft mall- they are great! All i am saying is that if you dare to be different, like to save a penny, want to be creative this Christmas season , then you will want to see this!
I have great in-laws, really. i am one of the lucky ones...lololol! anyway, my father in law is super talented and creative. this project i am sharing with you is all him, i am just the messenger. i am sure he wont mind me shaing this with you. He was interested in getting a pretty large wreath for his garage to decorate for Christmas a couple of years ago. A wreath of this size can be a little pricey. So this was what he opted to do inplace of buying a store bought wreath....
Yes , you are seeing a tire! Not just any tire, of course. More like a tire cut in half , painted green, adorned with Christmas lights!! Oh and lets not forget the white bow made from house siding! I love this, and of course i told him so... so this year i recieved my tire wreath! I think its super genius and right up my alley. talk about repurposing!
Christmas is getting closer and closer as we all know. For some of us , things  are piling up... maybe stress, bills, to do lists, etc. Lets try to enjoy the holiday season and not forget what its all about, k? At the risk of sounding like a hallmark card, lets  love our family , friends, and the lord to the best of our abilities and try not to make Christmas so materialistic. Like i say, i love to shop, love even more to find a good deal, but at the end of the day i know what really matters...So that is what i leave you with today, hope you enjoyed it, please let me know if you have any ideas you want to share. I love to learn new things! I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the joys that only Christmas can bring. Lets not forget those out there that are not as fortunate as we are. Go out there, repurpose something, make something, find something cool and let me know about it!! Good day!
A LITTIL BIT O INFO.... In my area we have a Dakotas. It is a restaurant similar to a Outback steakhouse(kind of)  anyway in our area on Sundays, kids eat free! it is a certain age limit and they have to order from teh kids meal section. Be sure to call  before making the trip!
Also i have been introduces to a website called  after signing up and creating a account , you can  earn swagbucks through searching the site, reading the blogs, and installing it as your tool bar. these swagbucks add up and you able to cash them in through the swagstore. i am new to this,, but alreaday i have earned 53 swagbucks..  check it out. you may be able to get something free from turning in your swagbucks!!


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