Friday, December 17, 2010

check it out... Popcan Santa ornament!!

Good evening friends!! Hope you are all doing well and staying warm! Ready for Christmas? Noo? Still needing that one gift? Cmon, i know you have that person.. you know, the person you wait to buy for every year? The person you have no idea what to buy? Well, i am here to give a idea. I can pretty much guarentee she doesnt have one of these......
A SANTA POPCAN ORNAMENT!!!! CUTE, RIGHT? Lets look at this little guy.... You know you have a popcan around somewhere. And like i have pointed out before on other projects, you can do alot of different themes with your popcan, really be creative! This is great for teachers, passing party gifts,etc. Let me tell you the history of this santa. My sister in law and i decided a couple of years ago to make each others Christmas gifts instead of buying for each other. Its been a lot of fun , and i think the rest of the family is getting excited to see what we come up with! This santa ornament was my gift from Gennifer last year. I asked Gennifer if she would help me out with a tutorial ... and.. here it is!
Popcan ornament tutorial-
You can pick any aluminum soda can to do this craft. You will need paint and some kind of twine or whatever for a "hanger."
When you first start with the can it must be "crushed" to get the flat surface to paint on. The 2 ends of the can must come towards eachother leaving the bottom of the can and the can tab on the same side.

Once you have shaped the can you can put a Santa face or Snowman face, whatever floats your boat. One of my daughters even painted a snowglobe scene on hers, very cute.
Now at the end of the craft, remember that pop can tab that was left? You slip ribbon, twine or whatever you want to use through that tab and tie it off to hang on the tree.
Put a date on the back and maybe some initials for nostalgia.
So i am hoping you enjoyed this post and the tutorial that Gennifer supplied. If you did, PLEASE let me know!
Christmas is closing in, folks, lets not forget what the holiday means to us! Pick today to give someone a compliment, hug someone who really needs it, do a good deed. Let me know how your doing out there!Thanks for reading!
A LITTLE BIT O INFO- Check out, its a great site for printable coupons! If you dont have a newspaper subscription , you can go to and print off only the coupons you will use! i did it, and i found it to be quite handy! And you know coupons will help save cash , right??
Ever go to CVS? if you dont, you need to. go soon, get a extra care card, really start looking at whats on sale, and what items will give you ecbucks back.. i am telling you , there is a science to this people, you can score stuff for cheap, and sometimes for free!
A couple of weeks ago, cvs had zhu zhu pets buy one get one for free, my buddie (laura) gave me a link to print off for buy one, get two free.. super confusing... anyway i walked out of cvs with 4 zhu zhu pets and paid for one. crazy right? i am just learning, but its def possible!! good luck!


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